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miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

Att: please

Adama Dambele
Contract Procurement department,
Ivory Coast Ports Authority
Abidjan. Republic of Ivory Coast
West Africa

Dear Friend.                       

My name is Adama Dambele, the clerk of works of contract and procurement division of Ivory Coast. Ports authority which is an entity that is autonomous. This department as a matter of fact, handles all contract procurement with the ports authority; we recommend final payment of executed contracts by foreign contractors through the ministries of finance, establishment, central bank and bureau for public enterprises with the presidency.

As the clerk of works in this department, it is in my hands to recommend to the director in charge names of foreign contractors who are due for payment or those that have been paid. I tablet and certify all essential/vital documentation as regards conclusion of contracts. I would want us to go into business relationship if you will maintain secrecy, honesty and integrity that is the watch word towards realization of what i am about to introduce to you.

There was an Iranian firm (AL-FIZ HASSAN) that executed contract of installation of industrial cranes to change the old cranes that were already worn-out and inefficient at our seaports, the worth of the contract was $360 million united states Dollars and due to red-tape approach in our bureaucracy, short term civil unrest caused by our politicians, there was delay in this payment, Payment is made already and the company/contractor has confirmed transfer of this fund for the past six years but insisted that accrued interest be paid due to the time wasted to effect payment.

The accrued interest which is $36 million dollars became a pin in the ass between the authority and the contractor and the deliberation never went well as the authority refused to agree on the terms thereby contradicting the terms and condition guiding said contract and based on this, the contractor gave way and abandoned the payment.

Finally the accrued sum has been approved by the new government and I will want to use my position as the clerk of works to bring you into agreement to transfer this accrued sum of $36 M USD into your nominated bank account. I will give you guideline on how to go about your claim of this accrued interest as I am in a good position to direct you. Arrangement will be made to transform all vital documents in your name which will keep you in a very good position to make claims.

This fund will be shared between us, you will part with 35% while I and my group part with 60% and 5% for any expenses that will be uncured during the course of this transaction. Note, that this transaction is frisk-free and i will inform you when you respond what you need to forward in other to effect changes in the document here to suit exactly what the authority will expect.Respond effectively by indicating your interest.

Best Regards,
Adama Dambele

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